Good News and Bad News

The bad news: I’m giving up the blog for a while. As evidenced by my inconsistency in posting, I just haven’t been feeling it. My inspiration is elsewhere, and the honest decision is to follow where it leads me. I don’t want to force anything.

The good news: Erica Jane Huntzinger and I are started a craft coalition! Made In Sheboygan will meet the first and third Wednesdays of each month; the first Wed we will meet at Erica’s house (email ellemimller@gmail.com for an address) and the third Wed will meet at Paradigm Coffee & Music, 1202 N. 8th St in Sheboygan, from 6-8ish pm, beginning January 6. All mediums and ability levels welcome.

Also, I’d like to note that during the holiday season I took on a seasonal position at a big box retailer (whom I will not name but will hint that it is a retailer that provides high-end design at low-end prices). It may seem ironic, contradictory perhaps, that the artist who didn’t buy anything new for a year is now working big box retail. However, I really like the job. I like the meditative repetition of shelf stocking, I like the early hours so that I have my day to myself, and I am excited about the possibility of health insurance in my near future. My art-making explores consumerism objectively so working for a successful national retailer actually makes a lot of sense. I’m learning from the inside how it all works, and so far I’m finding it all fascinating.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for my latest project…there’s always another one waiting in the wings.

Take care,