RM 100

I'm totally digging ReadyMade's Top 100 Projects of the Year. Pictured is the Glass Act chandelier.


T-Shirt Market Bags

I've been sewing like a fiend! This batch of t-shirt market bags is for Wild Carrot Cuisine and will be screen printed with the Wild Carrot logo. Available for purchase at the Wild Carrot Cuisine booth at the Sheboygan Winter Farmer's Market.

Next I'll be cranking out a batch that will be available for purchase at Sheboygan's local food co-op, Goodside Grocery. Goodside is set to to open May 4 and they are in need of memberships so they can stock their shelves. So if you're a Sheboyganite and are not already a member, do not pass go, do not collect $200, go directly to get your membership!


The T-Shirt Chair

Winner of the 2011 Green Furniture Award. Design by Maria Westerberg.


Recent Projects

Wood bead necklaces requested by a local pastor to give as gifts to his confirmation class.

'Thank You' postcards for Chicago musician Emily White to send out to friends who house and feed her while on the road.

Button Mancala. Just for fun.