These past few weeks have felt like a rollercoaster, extreme highs and lows. I experienced moments of intense panic and fear that I haven't felt in a long time. For some reason, I let myself go there.

I'm happy to report that it's October 29 and I have enough money to pay my rent, 3 days before it's due. And the money came through from my art sales. Wow. I am humbled, grateful, giddy, and exhausted. Panic and despair waste a lot of energy.

Once again, I got myself into a situation that seemed hopeless. And once again, a solution appeared. How many times must I fall into the safety net before I let myself trust?

I've said and typed the words 'thank you' so many times this past week that they don't feel adequate to express the gratitude I feel. But it's all the English language has to offer. Thank you to everyone that purchased my work.

Thank you.



My friend Timon Tupper brought me his damaged jacket (pictured above) and proposed that I patch it for an art trade. The wedding of my friends, Brit and Paul, was fast approaching, so I asked him to do a painting that I could give as a wedding gift. Here are the results. (P&B were thrilled!)



Name your own price for a pair of handmade hardware earrings, made by me with love and gratitude ($10 suggested donation). The Name-Your-Price-And-Pay-My-Rent sale is grab-bag style so if the pair you receive isn't quite your style, they make great gifts. The cotter pin earrings pictured are just one of many styles up for grabs. (Also, a few necklaces are available to those without pierced ears. Please specify.)

Payments are through PayPal and can be made using the Donate button at the bottom of this post. Be sure to include your current address so I know where to send your earrings!

Thank you for your support.


As promised, photos from the THIS IS ONLY A TEST opening, courtesy of Paul Andrews.



So when I'm feeling up to it, I will have an abundance of posts about my adventures this past month. I went to Boulder, CO for the Big Feed, went to Ohio for a wedding, visited a couple MFA programs, had an art show, and helped move a whole coffee shop with muscles not motors. With no coffee shop this month while the new one is being built out, my internet access has been scarce and hence a lack of posts.

I'm sitting in EBCO right now reflecting on the amazing month I've had and the subsequent lack of funds in my bank account. I've been out of a job as the coffee shop moves from one location to another. The job was yanked out from under my feet after my travelling plans and art show plans were already set in motion. Pushing fear out of my view, I went forward with these plans and continued to dare to trust that ends would meet at the end of the month. I even thought I would sell some art. I am now 10 days away from my rent being due with no idea how that will happen.

The month has been full of so many blessings; I've been able to catch up with so many old friends, make some new ones, and I was able to display my work in a well-received show. Yet today, it feels like I made a series of mistakes. Instead of travelling, making, and LIVING, I should have been working. I should have applied at the temp agency weeks ago, and foregone my visits and art. This is the message I'm receiving and I'm so confused. Why am I wired to do work that doesn't pay the bills, that doesn't allow me to support myself? Why must I choose between feeling alive and making a living? How come my gifts continue to feel like burdens?

Where do I go from here?



painting, sculpture, and installation by
Gregory Brulla, Erica Jane Huntzinger, and Michelle Ann Miller
Opening Reception
Saturday, October 17
EBCO Artworks
1201 Erie Ave, Sheboygan, WI